LINC Company triumph as Seedcorn regional winners.

The LINC would like to congratulate our recent winners of the Jumpstart Competition 2010 “Innovation Zed” on yet another success. Innovation Zed were worthy winners in the “best emerging company” category, in the Dublin regional final of the highly prestigious InterTradeIreland All-island Seedcorn Business competition.

InterTradeIreland’s Seedcorn is the largest business competition for early stage/high growth companies. The competition aims to recreate the investment process.


Innovation Zed is based in the LINC at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown.The Company, which was founded by John Hughes and William Cirillo, developed a device for insulin dependent diabetics who use insulin pens, InsulCheck. The device clips onto their existing insulin pen and automatically tells them the time since last injection. 

Knowing for ‘certain’ that you have injected so as to avoid double injecting is a constant challenge for diabetics. Because they have to inject multiple times per day every day of their life and adhere to a predefined schedule, the possibility of a double injecting is very real.

As insulin is a powerful drug administered in tiny quantities, double injection mistakes represent a major health hazard for diabetics and can result in serious coma and hospitalisation or worse. InsulCheck helps diabetics by automatically adding safety, certainty and control to the injection process.

John Hughes of Innovation Zed said, “We are delighted to have been selected as the overall regional winner for Dublin.  This is truly an exciting phase in our development. We entered the competition because it offered good advice and direction on the business planning process. This helped us to focus on our business plan and the result that it produced has been extremely rewarding for us.”

Innovation Zed are currently seeking investors and partnership with existing businesses to help with the distribution and sales of InsulCheck.


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