BrightSpark Launches the Paperclip Challenge

The Big Red Paperclip

Next week will see the launch of the paperclip challenge here at the LINC, for ITB students, as part of the new BrightSpark program.

ITB Students will be given a paperclip and 24 hours to conduct as many swaps as possible to gain an item of higher value. The winners will be selected by the panel of judges here in the LINC and the winners will be announced on Friday 11th February.

The paperclip challenge is based on the extraordinary story of Kyle MacDonald, who, after 14 swaps, traded his red paperclip for a two-story farmhouse! See the full story here:

The items returned by students at the end of the competition as well as pictures of the entrants and the winner will be available on the BrightSpark Facebook page:!/pages/BrightSpark/130121397055736

We would like to wish all of the ITB students the best of luck in the competition and may the best swap win!

For more information on the Paperclip Challenge contact Aidan at

Further information:
BrightSpark is a new program here at the LINC which aims to stimulate the entrepreneurial traits of the students in the college with the aim to producing not only future business owners, but also future intrepreneurs within businesses.

BrightSpark does this by running different competitions during the semester to challenge the abilities of the students of ITB.

The BrightSpark initiative is proudly sponsored by the Blanchardstown Centre, Irelands Leading Shopping, Leisure & Retail Park Destination Blanchardstown Centre

BrightSpark Logo


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