LINC launches the Accumulator competition

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This week saw the beginning of the second competition of the BrightSpark initiative – “The Accumulator competition”

The Accumulator competition is a sales competition aimed at all full and part time students in the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. It will involve 4 finalist teams competing against each other in a full day sales race.

Student teams of 4 must firstly submit a half page write up including details of what product or products they would purchase with the €300 seed money assigned to finalist teams and how they would sell their product.

From these proposals we will select the top four ideas, which will be announced on Wednesday 2nd of March and the seed money of €300 given to each competing team. Teams will then have a week to purchase their products to sell on sales day.

The sales day is going to take place in the premises of our sponsor, Blanchardstown Centre. The teams will be given a stall each for 8 hours. All teams must keep a sales ledger and all seed capital which is not used must be returned to the competition organisers along with all profits arising from sales. The team with the highest sales at the day will be the winners.

The winning team will receive a prize of €500 and all profit raised will be donated to Childline.


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