TRAINENERGY Course Starting soon at the LINC.

ITB are offering a training program for tradespeople in the construction industry about new energy efficient technology and construction techniques and how they can be used to meet the EU Energy Performance of Building Directives 2002. It is called TrainEnergy and it is taking place at the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown.

We are subsidising the cost of the training course for the first 50 participants. Course Cost is €100. This program is being subsidised through European funding by €900 per participant for the 50 available places. 

The EU has set targets to reduce carbon emissions from buildings, which mean buildings need to be more energy efficient. Attending one of our courses will give you the knowledge of the new technologies and techniques needed for the building industry to meet these targets. The course will cover topics like:  Legislation, Lighting, HVAC, Renewable Energy Systems, Insulation, Energy use in buildings, Building Control Systems, alternative fuels and Passive House Design.

Course detail

The Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown is running its 9 day course on 31March and the 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16 April from 9:00 to 6:00.

Site visit

Two of the nine days in the course are allotted to site visits; one of these days will be spent in the Eco village in Cloughjordan where new homes are being built to high efficiency standards and the other day will be spent in homes in Nenagh which have been retrofitted with various remedies to conserve energy.  All travel expenses are included in the course registration fee.

For more information; and


For the ITB course, contact Mark Keyes at:

Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown
Blanchardstown Road North
Dublin 15

Phone: 01 8851035



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