Congratulation to EZY Technology Innovations

Congratulation to EZY Technology Innovations Ltd. Deirdre Cogan and Brother Thomas, who received an Innovation AEzy Technologyward for their Ezy Crop Trailer at the Lamma Show, Neward, UK. Deirdre and Thomas came 2nd out of a short list of twenty at the UK’s largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show.

LAMMA is held on the Wednesday and Thursday of the third week of January each year and regularly attracts up to 40,000 farmers from around the country and overseas. Since the shows launch, LAMMA has increasingly become an international event.

Deirdre, a participant on the New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme here at the LINC, was also the winner of the LINC’s annual Jumpstart Competition and is now based in the LINC. Their award winning Ezy Crop Trailer is a non-tipping trailer with a moving floor inside to gently discharge any product damaged by the trailer.

Once again, the team at the LINC would like to congratulate Deirdre and Thomas on their achievment !


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