Enterprise Garage @ the LINC


ITB STUDENTS – Heard of Enterprise Garagegarage

We have an exciting opportunity for you! We are running a 2 week (8 half days) course on entrepreneurship for students June 6 – 16 and it’s absolutely FREE. Spaces are limited, so get applying!

What is it?  8 Half Day workshops to learn how to develop your business idea and make it a reality

Who is it for? Any ITB student with a basic business idea can apply

When is it? June 6 – June 16

Where is it? The LINC, ITB

Why do the course?

  1. The Startup scene in Ireland and throughout the world has never been stronger.
  2. The course is run by experts in the industry, who are very well connected in the startup scene and general businessgarage1
  3. A chance to learn how to get funding from Enterprise Ireland to make your dream a reality
  4. Something to look good on the CV
  5. A fun, interactive workshop to bring out your entrepreneurial flare and passion!
  6. A prize for the winning pitch, and pizza all round for participants on the last day

Closing Date for Applications: May 12 2017

Where do I apply?: www.itb.ie/enterprisegarage


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