Why you should apply for New Frontiers Programme…

We are now recruiting for Phase One

The New Frontiers Programme is Enterprise Ireland’s national entrepreneur development programme. If you have an innovative business idea and are planning to establish and run your own company, the New Frontiers Programme could be for you.

As part of New Frontiers, we provide knowledge intensive, export oriented companies with a package of supports to help accelerate the business and to equip you with the skills and contacts that you need to successfully start and grow your company.

So why should you apply for New Frontiers? What are the main benefits of the programme?

  • The programme is impartial, and doesn’t take any equity stake in the start-ups it supports. It is also a national programme, offering regional access to applicants.
  • New Frontiers Phase 2 offers participants a tax-free stipend of up to €15,000, or €2,500 for each of the six months of the programme. This scholarship is paid to the participating entrepreneur, not to the business.
  • Because both Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Offices network are involved throughout the programme, participants can quickly connect with relevant staff and funding programmes in these agencies, such as Enterprise Ireland’s innovation vouchers, or Competitive Start Fund or HPSU investment.
  • Participants can access R&D facilities and tap into specialist expertise from within the Institutes, and may be able to easily access interns.
  • Applicants can carry out invaluable primary and secondary market research at Enterprise Ireland’s Market Research Centre.
  • Hot-desk and other incubation facilities.
  • Training, mentoring and support.

Here is what some of our past participants have said of New Frontiers:

“The New Frontiers program gave us the knowledge, support and 

mentoring we needed, at exactly the right time for our business, setting Promo Pads up to move forward in the best way possible for the business.” – Diarmaid Murphy, PromoPads
“The New Frontiers programme has been an invaluable experience on the road to building a successful, scalable international start-up. New Frontiers gave me first-hand access to some of the smartest minds in Irish business, investors, technical developers, and their wealth of expertise. And helped me build a network of supportive fellow ‘Start-up’ers’ whose shared highs and lows have been worth their weight in gold. I’d highly recommend the programme to anyone with a great idea looking to develop it into a thriving business.” – Darryl Gibney, Wellclik.com

“New Frontiers has been a life-changing experience. Having the opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded individuals in a structured environment, led by industry experts has provided a world-class education in how to run a business. The program has assisted in covering virtually all of the facets needed to test a business model’s feasibility and indeed deploy it in the real world. I would highly recommend New Frontiers to anyone that would like to de-risk their business model.” – Steffan Jolley, OrderPoint Solutions Ltd.


Apply Now for Phase One


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