Lessons SMEs can learn from elite teams in the Tour de France

Posted by Sanj Bhayro, SVP, Salesforce, July 23rd 2017


3 ways SMEs can operate like this year’s high-performing racing teams.

Be fast & agile in serving your customer

Build team culture: Victory goes to the leader who can plan for success – whilst rallying the team to buy into their strategy. Establish a strong vision and company culture where everyone aligns around the same purpose and shares the same core values.

Use data to drive performance: Small businesses in particular should use the data at their disposal to their advantage. However, to get the most from their data, how the data is captured plays an important role.

Small businesses still rely on Excel to track their customer data. The ones that are moving the fastest are those that deploy a CRM platform from the start in order to capture all their customer data in one place.

Choose technology for the future: The tech employed has to future proof the business to avoid the growing pains of scaling up. A classic mistake some SMEs make is buying a specific piece of technology that works for one department, but ends up creating walls within the business.

It is a race out there. You need teamwork, peak performance and the latest technology to get you over the line first.

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