Event Alert: Future In Medtech Ireland 2017

DATE AND TIME – Tue 12 September 2017, 08:00 – 16:30

LOCATION – Croke Park, Dublin.

The Theme of Sustainability within the Medtech processing and manufacturing sector has never been more important! For many years larger organisations have been realising the fact that environmental policies and energy efficiencies within processing is directly related to the bottom line! Reducing energy costs, carbon footprint and waste during the process of Medtech devices can have a significant impact on the profitability of a facility.

Additionally, as Medtech manufacturers and their clients supply chains becomes more and more entwined they find themselves under increased pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.

Themes for the event

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We have an alternative way to Higher Education with the Learn + Work Programme at ITB

Final Option One Approved

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Lessons SMEs can learn from elite teams in the Tour de France

Posted by Sanj Bhayro, SVP, Salesforce, July 23rd 2017


3 ways SMEs can operate like this year’s high-performing racing teams.

Be fast & agile in serving your customer

Build team culture: Victory goes to the leader who can plan for success – whilst rallying the team to buy into their strategy. Establish a strong vision and company culture where everyone aligns around the same purpose and shares the same core values.

Use data to drive performance: Small businesses in particular should use the data at their disposal to their advantage. However, to get the most from their data, how the data is captured plays an important role.

Small businesses still rely on Excel to track their customer data. The ones that are moving the fastest are those that deploy a CRM platform from the start in order to capture all their customer data in one place.

Choose technology for the future: The tech employed has to future proof the business to avoid the growing pains of scaling up. A classic mistake some SMEs make is buying a specific piece of technology that works for one department, but ends up creating walls within the business.

It is a race out there. You need teamwork, peak performance and the latest technology to get you over the line first.

Full article available at:

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ITB LEARN and WORK Programme : Earn money while getting an in-demand qualification

After the highly regarded success of last year’s inaugural Learn+Work Programme, the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown’s (ITB) Department of Informatics has opened its doors to recruit a new wave of students looking to access career opportunities in the ICT sector.

Growing demand for skills in the ICT sector, and the increasing interest in technology programmes amongst school leavers and mature students, led to ITB’s establishment of the Learn+Work Programme in Networking Technologies last year, a full time course combining blocks of academic study with blocks of paid industry work placement. This work experience gives learners the opportunity to apply their learning, be coached by industry experts and develop the work-ready skills to gain employment upon graduation. Following completion, students are awarded a Higher Certificate in Science in Computing and Networking Technologies.

The networking technologies course was designed in partnership with Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet to provide students with in-company placement, which accounts for approximately 50% of the course, accompanied by academic studies which provide the up to date technical and communication skills that are in high demand within the ICT sector, including modules on computer systems, server administration and networks as well as the knowledge required to achieve highly valued industry certified awards such as CompTIA, Linux, Cisco, Microsoft and VMware, which are also be facilitated through ITB.

Students like Emmet Quinn (23) from Raheny receive exposure to experienced and_R2I3990 creative mindsets, whilst making valuable connections with innovative companies such as Fleet Connect, based in Blanchardstown Corporate Park who provide Wi-Fi and technology solutions for public transport. According to Mr. Quinn, the paid work experience was a real clincher in applying for the course, helping him to keep his independence and focus on his studies, which other courses might not have provided. “The lack of fees allows me much more time to focus on my studies and puts me at a great advantage in terms of having the time to work on assignments and certifications. The certifications themselves are also massively beneficial to my professional development, and for future job applications,” commented Mr. Quinn.

“In today’s climate, people need to do more than run a cable or connect a router. A new recruit needs to possess excellent communication skills, be adept at solving problems, take ownership of their job and be able to react to situations swiftly and confidently. This is why we joined ITB’s Learn+Work programme. We believe it’s a win-win situation because students get the opportunity to grow, learn and build a portfolio, while we get to avail of the best staff in the business,” said Patrick Cotter, CEO of Fleet Connect, where Emmet Quinn is currently undertaking his work experience.
“The businesses we partner with tell us that they see the course as a low-risk recruitment opportunity; using the placement period as a method of assessing prospective employees for future vacancies,” said Mark Keyes, Work Placement Coordinator, ITB.

“And of course this goes both ways, with students developing a very real impression of the IT industry, as well as a ‘taster’ of potential employers and workplaces” he continued.

The programme prepares candidates for careers in Networking, Data Centre and Cloud based disciplines, with roles including: Desktop service and support, Network Operation Centre Engineer, Information Security Engineer, Systems Administrator, Cisco Network Engineer, Helpdesk Engineer, Field Service Engineer and Pre-Sales Engineer.

Interested applicants can apply directly to www.itb.ie/learnandwork for an aptitude test and interview.

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Networking doesn’t have to be hard

Networking events are a wonderful opportunity to engage with the Business community. However, for most introverts it is a necessary evil and not the easiest thing to do.

So, how do you overcome the internal “fear” if you are terribly shy, or, just how to network properly?

Here are 6 things to consider as a starting point. Networking doesn’t have to be hard.

  1. Set a goal – What do you want to achieve from attending the event? Be mindful of why you are there.
  2. Show up – People engagement is key.
  3. Do the people you meet have the means to connect? – Have professional business cards.
  4. Be prepared to talk about your Business – prepare a piece in advance so that you are always ready to talk about what it is your Business is.
  5. Get into actual conversations – related to your business or not, share thoughts and insights on relevant topics. Be subtle, know the when the time is right to plug your Business.
  6. Follow up – connect with key contacts (keep in mind your goal) straight away while the event, and your discussion during the event, can still be easily recalled.

Happy Networking! 

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LINC New Frontiers Graduate Promo Pads Shortlisted for Seedcorn

LINC New Frontiers Graduate Promo Pads Shortlisted for Seedcorn!

What is Seedcorn?

The Seedcorn competition mirrors the real life investment process and can greatly improve your ability to attract investment for your business by helping you and your business become investor ready. The competition is aimed at early and new start companies that have a new equity funding requirement and has a total cash prize fund of €280,000.

Congratulations to Diarmaid and his team on this achievement.

To find out more about Promo Pads visit http://www.promo-pads.com/

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Why you should apply for New Frontiers Programme…

We are now recruiting for Phase One

The New Frontiers Programme is Enterprise Ireland’s national entrepreneur development programme. If you have an innovative business idea and are planning to establish and run your own company, the New Frontiers Programme could be for you.

As part of New Frontiers, we provide knowledge intensive, export oriented companies with a package of supports to help accelerate the business and to equip you with the skills and contacts that you need to successfully start and grow your company.

So why should you apply for New Frontiers? What are the main benefits of the programme?

  • The programme is impartial, and doesn’t take any equity stake in the start-ups it supports. It is also a national programme, offering regional access to applicants.
  • New Frontiers Phase 2 offers participants a tax-free stipend of up to €15,000, or €2,500 for each of the six months of the programme. This scholarship is paid to the participating entrepreneur, not to the business.
  • Because both Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Offices network are involved throughout the programme, participants can quickly connect with relevant staff and funding programmes in these agencies, such as Enterprise Ireland’s innovation vouchers, or Competitive Start Fund or HPSU investment.
  • Participants can access R&D facilities and tap into specialist expertise from within the Institutes, and may be able to easily access interns.
  • Applicants can carry out invaluable primary and secondary market research at Enterprise Ireland’s Market Research Centre.
  • Hot-desk and other incubation facilities.
  • Training, mentoring and support.

Here is what some of our past participants have said of New Frontiers:

“The New Frontiers program gave us the knowledge, support and 

mentoring we needed, at exactly the right time for our business, setting Promo Pads up to move forward in the best way possible for the business.” – Diarmaid Murphy, PromoPads
“The New Frontiers programme has been an invaluable experience on the road to building a successful, scalable international start-up. New Frontiers gave me first-hand access to some of the smartest minds in Irish business, investors, technical developers, and their wealth of expertise. And helped me build a network of supportive fellow ‘Start-up’ers’ whose shared highs and lows have been worth their weight in gold. I’d highly recommend the programme to anyone with a great idea looking to develop it into a thriving business.” – Darryl Gibney, Wellclik.com

“New Frontiers has been a life-changing experience. Having the opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded individuals in a structured environment, led by industry experts has provided a world-class education in how to run a business. The program has assisted in covering virtually all of the facets needed to test a business model’s feasibility and indeed deploy it in the real world. I would highly recommend New Frontiers to anyone that would like to de-risk their business model.” – Steffan Jolley, OrderPoint Solutions Ltd.


Apply Now for Phase One


New Frontiers Logo 

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Begin your Startup adventure with the LINC & accelerate your business development!


Apply at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uYV2VC_csLKONlzFmi2u6rXr4DhqZQkPQx-5SC_C8fc/viewform?edit_requested=true

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Hiring interns for your startup: Top Tips

Originally published on Newfrontiers.ie 
Written by LINC Manager, Ms Claire Mac Namee

Hiring an intern can be a great way of bootstrapping a particular source of expertise into your startup during early-stage, when you may not have the resources to support hiring a fully fledged employee. It is really important, however, to note that interns should not be viewed as ‘free hired help’ or ‘personal slaves’ for the hiring entrepreneur.

If this is what your idea of hiring interns is, then you can guarantee that the person will more than likely walk out after a few days and hey, who would blame them! Only hire an intern if you are willing to commit some time to helping them grow and develop in return for them offering their skills to help your startup grow and develop.

Interns should leave feeling that:

1. They learned something valuable and had an experience that adds value to their CV
2. They were exposed to experiences that has developed their skills and potential career path
3. They were valued and treated fairly by their receiving company

A question people often ask is why they haven’t received many applications for an internship position that they have advertised. The answer is usually that they published a boring, generic job spec, solely focused on what the receiving company wants from the person with no mention of what the intern will receive in return. With a regular paid role, the onus is on the applicant to sell their skills in return for a nice salary package, however with an internship the dynamic is different. The receiving company has to sell to the candidate in a compelling way why they should impart their skills and services for a very low or nominal fee and what, besides money, the receiving company can provide to the candidate in return for these skills.

Job specification guidelines

The following section outlines some headings that some startup companies have found useful in developing specifications for roles that have arisen within their companies.

1. Job title & type

A descriptive job title (try to come up with an interesting title that an intern may find useful to have on their CV when they eventually are looking for gainful employment, and also one that will garner some interest amongst potential applicants!). Also mention if the internship is full time or part time, and the contract duration.

2. Location

Company name and address of the offices where the intern will be posted.

3. Description of the company

Give a 100 word overview of your business; where you’ve come from, where you are going with the business and the type of culture that exists within the organisation. Keep this fresh and interesting and avoid using jargon!

4. Description of the role

Include a bullet point description of the areas of responsibility that the candidate would have within the role. When complete, read it back to yourself; does it sound enticing and interesting? If you were a 22 year old graduate, would it make you want to apply? Get the views of others, maybe even ask some interns that are working in other startups in your network. You will probably get some great advice!

5. Learnings & rewards

Remember, an internship doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that a paid graduate roles comes with – therefore you need to sell the role and incentivise people to apply by positioning the role in an attractive way. In this section, you will list what the intern will receive in return for their commitment to your company. Include the areas of development that they will encounter, the exciting innovations they will be exposed to, the dynamic nature of being involved with an SME, the background of the person they will work most closely with or learn from, the networks they will get to mix with, the possibilities for progression or future employment, future possibilities within the firm, learning and/or training opportunities, as well as expenses or payments or bonuses awarded. Perhaps €50 p/w expenses or a performance-related bonus could apply. Include whatever is appropriate for the situation. Read it back, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself again: if you were a graduate, would you apply?

6. Experience & qualifications required

Make sure to be clear about any experience that is required – e.g. previous office environment experience, or whatever is appropriate for the situation – and what qualification you would like the candidate to have (diploma, degree, masters, etc.).

7. How to apply

Include full contact details, method of applying and closing date in this section.

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Benefits of Locating your Startup in an Incubation Centre like the LINC

Be part of a group or go at it alone? For many entrepreneurs, being part of something bigger has helped them get their businesses off the ground more quickly and smoothly. An incubator can be the perfect bridge to make the big step from idea to execution.

Many startup entrepreneurs that have launched successful companies from incubators centers indicate being around other entrepreneurs as a key player in their success. They tell us that by locating entrepreneurs together in incubation Centers like the LINC create a dynamic where business owners can:

1) provide encouragement and support throughout the journey

2) information and knowledge sharing on business-related operations

3)  network building that can serve well for years.

This support from an incubator is, probably, the incubator’s unique place in economic development.

One of our current clients in the LINC says: “The LINC, is currently home to some of the most successful young start-ups in Ireland, all of whom are willing to share their knowledge and skills which is invaluable to the Founder of a start-up like myself. The staff have been incredibly supportive of my company and me as an Entrepreneur at every stage and I’d be lost without them.”


For more information on what we can offer you please contact us at thelinc@itb.ie

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